Karolínka - Kemp Máchovo jezero


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2 beds cabin 600 CZK/night
4 beds cabin 1000 CZK/night
6 beds cabin 1400 CZK/night
Monday - Friday during May, June or September 2 persons in 4 beds cabin = 300 CZK/person/night

The maximum number of people in the cabin must correspond to the number of beds in the particular cabin.

One night stay - extra fee added to normal price: 100 CZK/person


District recreation tax off-peak season 8 CZK/person/day
  peak season 15 CZK/person/day
District accommodation tax off-peak season 2 CZK/person/day
  peak season 4 CZK/person/day
Persons under 18 or over 70 years of age do not pay these fees.
District parking fee per week 100 CZK

Recreation, accommodation and parking fees are paid at the beginning of stay

Dogs (only small breeds and after approval of camp manager) 100 CZK/day
Visits for more than one hour (without accommodation) have to be reported to the camp manager and are subject to a 70 CZK/person/day fee for using the camp